St Paul’s Bay is a town that is located in the northern area of Malta. At St Paul’s Bay, one can explore lots of places including a good variety of beach clubs as well as some of the best restaurants in Malta. Here one can have a great time out with their friends or family while admiring the beautiful blue sea. Some of the best beach clubs at St Paul’s Bay include Beef Bar and Café del Mar. On the other hand, some of the best restaurants include Tarragon, LOA, and Made in Sud

Beefbar in Malta

Beef Bar

Beef bar is the best beach club in St Paul’s Bay at an awesome location overlooking the St Paul’s Bay Waterfront. Here they have very tasty food. Their meat dishes and summer truffle are delicious options. At Beef Bar they also have very comfortable cushioned sun beds where you can relax and enjoy the summer vibes to the full while sipping on one of their flavorsome cocktails! In addition, the friendly staff offers an outstanding service.

Café del Mar

Café del Mar is another awesome beach club in St Paul’s Bay. During the day Café del Mar is an awesome location to go for food and have a great time. The food here is all very appetizing but my favorite is their sushi. The restaurant is open between noon and four o’clock in the afternoon and then it reopens from seven o’clock until half past ten in the evening. Later in the evening, it can get very busy though and therefore it’s best to visit in the daytime.

During the day there is also the option of renting the sunbeds and enjoying a day by the pool. The lovely pool area is very Instagrammable and therefore make sure to wear your favorite pool party outfit and take loads of pretty pictures! At night, it is party time at Café del Mar and it is the perfect place to have a fun time with friends drinking, swimming in the pool, and relaxing on the sunbeds!


Visiting Tarragon restaurant is a must. Tarragon is a fine dining restaurant and therefore it is slightly more pricey than typical restaurants however it is worth the money! This is even shown by the 4.7 stars on Google reviews. Their food is very appetizing and it is served beautifully. I love their 8-course degustation menu. This is because the food is mouth-watering and offers a good variety of local food including a Gbejna and healthy seasoned fish which is caught locally. Tarragon is also in a great location, facing the beach. Finally, the staff is also very helpful and friendly.


LOA is another awesome restaurant in St Paul’s Bay. At LOA one can also enjoy their food and drinks while looking at the peaceful sea view. It offers a fusion of South American cuisine and my favorite pick from the menu is the flavourful Tiradito de Salmon which is one of LOA’s signature dishes. LOA stays open between noon and two o’clock in the morning every day of the week which is very convenient. In addition, the restaurant itself is very stylish and the staff is very nice and hospitable.

Made in Sud

Made in Sud is a popular pizzeria in St Paul’s Bay within reason since it is one of the best pizza places on the island. Unlike the previous restaurants, it doesn’t have a sea view but despite this, all of their pizzas are to die for, and therefore one must still visit. The pizza crust is perfect and all of the toppings are very fresh. Made in sud also as 4.7 stars from over a thousand Google reviews! As I mentioned previously it is quite a popular place and therefore make sure to book a table. Despite being a busy restaurant, the staff is very friendly and the service is prompt.


St Paul’s Bay has some of the best beach clubs and restaurants on the island that offer a variety of cuisine and drinks. A lot of them also have a beautiful sea view that you can admire while having a great time out.