Cafes are a nice place to go socialize with your friends while sipping on some coffee and having a piece of cake or even to spend time alone while you do some research on your laptop or finish that upcoming assignment. However, finding the best cafes in Malta can take a while, and therefore here we have compiled a list of our favorites. Our top favorites include Caffé Berry, Busy Bee, Marelli, Sunday in Scotland, and Mint Café.

Caffé Berry

Café Berry is a cozy café that is located in the heart of Sliema and offers a range of delicious goodies that live up to the standard set by the 4.7 stars on Google reviews. My favorite order from Caffe Berry is the flavourful Pistaccio Capuccino and a slice of their tasty chocolate cake. One can visit the cafe from Monday to Saturday from half past seven in the morning until two o’clock in the afternoon. The staff is always ready to help you and provide a very friendly service.

Busy bee

Busy Bee is another quite popular café chain. It is open in Mriehel, Sliema and Msida. I always go to the latter because I enjoy looking at the Marina while I indulge in Busy Bee’s delicious food. My favorite is their delicious cannoli alongside a hot cup of coffee. The staff is very nice and welcoming. The shop in Imsida and Mriehel is open every day from half past eight in the morning and closes at ten o’clock in the evening. On the other hand, the one in Sliema has the same opening hours as the Imisda and Mriehel shops from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday, while on Fridays and Saturdays it is open from half past eight in the morning until eleven o’clock in the evening.


Marelli is a cute and cozy café located in Birkirkara. They serve awesome coffee and other desserts but apart from this they also serve delicious food for brunch. My favorite is their grilled cheese! They have an impressive but well-deserved 4.8 stars on Google reviews! The staff is always very patient and lovely. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from eight o’clock in the evening until four o’clock in the afternoon.

Sunday in Scotland

Sunday in Scotland is a café chain with stores located in Valletta, Sliema, and at the Malta International Airport. I like the location of the coffee shop and the surroundings of the coffee shop in Valletta, however, I prefer the location of that in Sliema since one can enjoy the view of the lovely view of Balluta Bay. My top favorite pick is a cup of warm coffee along with a fresh croissant. The staff are very friendly and offer a quick service.

Mint Café

Mint Café is located in Tas-Sliema and it has a cozy indoor sitting area as well as an outdoor sitting area where you can choose to sit and enjoy your food in the sun. My top favorite picks at this cozy café are their mouth-watering cappuccino and delish brownies. The staff is always really attentive and hospitable. The opening hours are from eight o’clock in the morning until four o’clock in the afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday.

Summary of the best cafes in Malta

The best cafes in Malta provide a cozy place to hang out with friends or alone while enjoying delicious desserts and beverages. In addition, the staff is amazing and very hospitable. And therefore I suggest that you give these cafes a shot.