The capital city of Malta, Valletta, is one of my favorite towns in Malta. Apart from being very rich in history and beautiful architecture, it is also one of the best spots to go out for a nice meal. This is because of the ample restaurants to choose from and the many different cuisines. Some of my top favorite restaurants in Valletta include AKI, Taproom, Sciaccia Grill, Sotto Pinsa Romana, and Bistro 516.


AKI is a beautiful fine dining and Michelin restaurant in Valletta. It serves mouth-watering Japanese cuisine that you can see the chefs cooking on one side of the restaurant. The restaurant itself is beautiful, stylish and very busy therefore make sure to make a booking. Some of my top favorite food there was the cute Salmon on crispy rice appetizer. Another must-have is the flavourful Beef Short Rib Rendang, which melts in your mouth.  To top it off, the waiters are absolutely lovely and friendly.  


Taproom is another one of the restaurants in Valletta that has an open kitchen. This is quite a small restaurant with limited seating available, however, it serves yummy food and has a very cozy vibe. Their menu changes after every season and the number of choices available are quite limited however all the options are always delicious. However, my favorite from the current menu is the Steak Frittes. Along with the meal, one can also enjoy one of their tasty drinks. In addition, the staff and the service that they provide are always top tiers.

Sciaccia Grill

Sciaccia is the best steakhouse in Malta. It has over 4.7 stars on Google reviews and apart from the restaurant in Valletta, it is at two other locations in St Julian. The main Sciaccia in St Julians serves both meat and fish while the Sciaccia express in St Julians and the Sciaccia in Valletta only serves meat. At the latter, for starters, my favorite is the truffle sausage and then their famous smoked cheese. For the main course, I enjoyed their exquisite steak. Sciaccia Grill in Valletta is open every day from 12 pm to 3 pm. Then, it opens again from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Sotto Pinsa Romana

If you are in the mood for pizza while in Valletta then Sotto Pinsa Romana is the right place to go! This awesome pizza restaurant has 4.7 stars from over two thousand Google reviews. They have a variety of outstanding pizzas which you can enjoy along with a glass of wine. Sotto also provides its customers with the option of a gluten-free pizza. My favorite pizza from Sotto is the Funghi and Prosciutto and if you are up for dessert, the Tiramisu is defiantly the way to go.

Bistro 516

Bistro 516 is another one of the best restaurants in Valletta. It is located at the Valletta Waterfront where you can enjoy good food, the sea view, and any boats and cruise lines that are docked. My favorite dish at Bistro 516 is the tasty Pulled pork burger along with a side of french fries. The service is good and the waiters are nice and friendly. Bistro 516 is also at a convenient location for those who would like to grab a bite before catching the fast ferry to Gozo since it is only 10 minutes on foot from the fast ferry terminal.